Explanation of Windless Touchdowns for Skydiving Landings

Did I mention I love skydiving?

This is an article about windless landings for skydiving. The guidance Brian German supplies in his post called “Surviving the No Wind Landing” can let you attain consistent, cozy touchdowns on days that the winds are quiet. Sadly, other jumpers may not be as successful if attempting to follow the exact same guidance.

A number of the techniques that are explained in an old post called “Surviving the No Wind Landing” can be considered somewhat complex, and jumpers that are merely striving to perfect fundamental flaring abilities might find that those techniques are hard to work with. Other data because post could be useful to individuals flying particular special sizes and varieties of canopies, although we could find this info doesn’t really apply to some substantial quantity of canopies that are commonly used today.

The initial bit of guidance Brian offers will be making sure you first level off before reaching “touching distance” to the earth. This could definitely result in softer touchdowns, especially in calm winds. This of course is very dependent on location. Windless landings would not, for example, happen when skydiving in Chicago, known as the “windy city”. There’s just one issue: there are likely to be afraid of flaring overly high, if no-wind touchdowns are feared by many jumpers. For many individuals the game is around in the moment they understand they’ve made that error: they commence panicking, quit flying, and anticipate the worst.

In an attempt to constantly level off inside touching distance on the earth, some jumpers acquire a custom of consistently or always flaring at too low an altitude. Another common issue takes place when they’re really several feet high when individuals reach for the earth using their feet, considering they’re within touching space. Individuals who consistantly perform these types of mistakes tend to be surprised, and find a remarkable progress within their touchdowns, when they finally learn it is not really essential to level off together with your feet exactly at the level of the ground. Modern canopies really are forgiving when doing a higher altitude flare.